20 Awesome Apps To Side Load On To Your Ouya

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How to Side Load Games/Apps
– From the home screen, go to Make > Software > Browser
– Do a standard search or url to download an android app APK (These can be found all over the net)
– Once the file is downloaded, go back to the home screen, then Manage > System > Advanced
– You’ll go to the default Android settings menu. Go to Storage > Downloads
– Select the APK that was downloaded and accept the installation dialog box
– The installed APK will appear in Make > Software

These are confirmed side loaded games & apps that work well on OUYA

- Astro File Manager
Useful file management app, helpful for browsing external storage. It works well, but has very limited gamepad compatibility. You mostly have to use the touchpad. “A” works as “back”.
- ES File Explorer
Useful file management app. You’ll probably need this to move files around from the download folder or to upload APKs and files via network. It’s primarily a touch app, so a mouse (the touchpad barely works) is recommended.http://www.estrongs.com/en/download.html
- Falcon Pro
Interface is a little tricky with a controller
- File Manager (Tablet Version)
This seems to work fine on the OUYA.
- Genplus Genesis Emulator
This is a Sega Genesis Emulator. There are a few things that need mapping, such as the start button. There is a demo of this running on OUYA via the NOVA Launcher on Youtube.
Watch HBO shows if you have a subscription on your cable plan. It works, but the video quality is dreadful over wifi. Even if you use ethernet it’s mediocre at best. No gamepad compatibility.
- Hulu Plus
This lets you watch movies and TV on your OUYA. You can find the APK on google. The tablet version works pretty well. You use the touch-pad and d-pad for selections. There is a demo of this running on OUYA via the NOVA Launcher onYoutube.
- Humble Bundle Library
If you’re bought any Humble Android bundles, you can access them with this app. Most of them aren’t really playable with OUYA, but some should be. I still need to try out Machinarium. First time I opened it there was a crash at launch, but since then it has worked fine. I believe the link to this app is on your Humble Bundle account page.
- Netflix
Watch Netflix movies and shows, as well as add/remove from your queue, all on your OUYA. You can grab the APK for this on xda-developers forum. There is a demo of this running on OUYA on Youtube.
- NOVA Launcher
This is a viable replacement for the ouya launcher. Lots of settings and more intuitive options for layout. Getting around your sildeloaded content is so much faster using this launcher and getting to the system menu takes 1 button press. Watch the video at: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gl_O_b7ingM
- Open Launcher
It’s the open-source Google TV launcher called Open Launcher (https://play.google.com/store/apps/d…droid.launcher. More details on this at https://plus.google.com/103979003219…ts/H3yZnsKLsEr
- RetroArch
A good alternative for emulation while the Ouya store fills up. It’s free and supports the major consoles (SNES, Genesis, TG16) and arcade systems (CPS1, 2, Neogeo). Seems better to use a PS3 or Xbox controller with this (attached via USB). http://forum.themaister.net/viewtopic.php?id=235
- Soundcloud
This allows you to listen to music and such on your OUYA. There appears to be some lag, but it works. There is a video of this running on OUYA on Youtube.
- Speedtest.net
Test the speed of your connection. Useful to see whether you should be using ethernet or if WiFi is fine. It doesn’t display fullscreen, and it doesn’t have any gamepad support, but using the touchpad works fine.
- Titanium Backup
Haven’t tried backing stuff up, but great for installing backups from other devices (ie. my phone)
The universal media player. This alpha version is hardware accelerated and works pretty well (not sure about 1080p content). Navi-X and Youtube seems to be a bit buggy, though. http://forum.xbmc.org/showthread.php?tid=152005(Updated link is next to “Download this build”)
- YouTube for Google TV
Great, controller-friendly interface

- Grand Theft Auto III – Works with controller support
- Grand Theft Auto Vice City – Works with controller support
- Zen Pinball HD – Works great


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